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When are on demand health services better than health insurance

Deciding what health insurance is right for you, your family, or your business can be a grueling process. There have been numerous stories of people breaking down due to side effects which may headaches, dry eyes, mood swings, unhappiness and/or money loss. Here is a challenge: google health insurance plans and try to figure out […]

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What to Expect When Quit Smoking

What to expect when quitting smoking In an article from the National Cancer Institute, they list “starting your day” as a trigger for smoking. Let this bleak prediction be your warning; it’s not easy to quit smoking. When you put down your last cigarette, crushing the last bit of hot ash against your driveway or […]

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Direct pay healthcare the new alternative to expensive insurances

A Brief History -  Direct payment was introduced in many low- and middle-income countries in the 1980s with support from UNICEF and the World Bank. Proponents of this approach thought that it could make the health system more effective by directing demand to cost-effective care at the appropriate level, deterring people from unnecessary health care. […]

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When should you see a doctor for an STD?

Sexually transmitted diseases. Sex is something we humans don’t love to talk about and a sex disease sounds even less cool. A study from The Open Aids Journal found that one-third of 300 participants delayed seeking treatment for more than seven days because of reasons like “my partner would blame me if I had an […]

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