RethinkMyHealthcare has recently launched a comprehensive, on-site COVID-19 employer testing program to help ensure businesses can safely return to work.

We offer an end-to-end customized testing solution which includes physician consultation, tools for risk assessment, specimen collection kits, coordinated logistics, and reliable EUA-FDA authorized tests in partnership with a few laboratories across the nation.

Rapid Tests

PCR Tests

How it Works
Detects the body's immune response to the
virus, called antibodies (IgM, IgG)
Detects the presence of the
virus' genetic material (RNA)
Type of Sample Needed
Blood sample
(Finger Prick or Blood Draw)
Nasopharngeal swab
Time for Results
10 - 15 minutes
24 - 72 Hours after receipt from lab
When to Use
Screening populations
to determine infection risk,
and asymptomatic people
If exhibiting symptoms or
positive on an Antibody test
What a Positive
Result Means
Patient has/had the virus in the
past 3 months
Patient is infected with live virus

End-to-End Customized Solution

We recognize everyone’s COVID-19 situation is unique, which is why we wanted to provide you with a list of customizable steps in our WorkSafe employer testing program to fit your company’s needs.

In addition, we can provide consultative services to support developing your return to work and ongoing testing strategy with Medical Director support.

Company Risk Assessment Tool -  risk tool to identify who is at a high risk of coming to work.

Symptom Screening Questionnaire - for employees experiencing symptoms that may be related to COVID-19, please have them contact their healthcare provider.


COVID-19 Tests - option to order both the molecular and serology test together or individually depending on your testing strategy.

Physician Prescription Services - a physician prescription may be required in your state to order testing.

Employee Liability Waiver -a template for you to use with your employees who are receiving testing, however it’s advised you consult your legal department prior to using this template.


Specimen Collection Kits - we provide nasal swabs and blood collection kits for molecular and antibody testing, respectively.

Mobile Specimen Collection -we can facilitate scheduling a healthcare provider to perform centralized specimen collection (e.g., testing at your office facility or at home as needed).

On-site Temperature Check -ensure healthcare provider performs a temperature check on each employee before collecting specimen.


Scheduled Courier Pick-Up -  we can ensure same-day specimen pick-up with scheduled local couriers.

FedEx Overnight Shipping (US) -we use FedEx for overnight shipment of specimens to the Rethink my healthcare laboratory.

Open All Week -we accept specimens for testing 7-days per week to ensure we deliver results as soon as possible.


Individual & Batch Test Reporting - we offer two options for test result reporting that are HIPAA compliant.

COVID-19 Demographic Report -we can provide a demographic coversheet for a snapshot of the impact to your organization.

Company COVID-19 Testing Badge -we provide your organization with a badge to promote you are a COVID-tested workplace.


We will bill you for WorkSafe COVID-19 testing. The list price for each test is $100.

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