RethinkMyHealthCare is helping drive meaningful change to a range of patient populations.

Long Term Care

Long Term Care populations stand to significantly benefit from personalized medication programs. Medication risks, and the costs associated with overall medication regimen are some of the largest issues facing the LTC market. RethinkMyHealthCare's software platform makes it easy for clinicians, pharmacists, and care professionals to easily identify, manage, and mitigate issues within the facility.

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RethinkMyHealthCare LTC Customers

RethinkMyHealthCare is currently being used to improve care for thousands of Long Term care patients across the US.


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Home Health

Home health caregivers have a unique position to help monitor and influence the long term care and well-being of their patient population. RethinkMyHealthCare enables home health firms and pharmacies to deliver coordinated care insights that can dramatically impact the course of care. Patients and their families can rest easy with the knowledge that any adjustments to their medication regimen are being continuously monitored to help optimize efficacy and avoid severe adverse events and fall risk.

Self-Insured Payers

The majority of medium and large businesses in the US have some participation in managing the cost of employee health plans. RethinkMyHealthCare provides these businesses a way to proactively manage risks, costs, and overall patient population health. RethinkMyHealthCare's real-time reporting engine ensures that potential pharmacy issues can be intermediated prior to adversely impacting a patient's health.

Behavioral Health

Medication-based treatments in behavioral health have historically been a process of trial and error of medication combinations and dosage adjustments. The integration of personalized medication management into behavioral health settings assists clinical professionals in helping to isolate and identify optimal medications for each unique patient.


Personalized genomic testing is being used to help oncology patients identify the most effective course of treatment. However, in addition to primary treatment advantages, many oncology patients will be taking additional medications to assist with the side effects of treatment. RethinkMyHealthCare is designed to help monitor and manage these medications throughout the treatment journey, helping patients to improve overall quality of life.

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