Surgery with out the worry

Occasionally Surgery is a medical necessity, so we have teamed up with Top Rated Surgeons across the country to develop a fixed price plan 

How It Works

With RethinkMyHealthcare, we have taken the guess work out of surgery pricing. We have bundled together the most common surgeries, with a Top Rated Surgeon and an Surgery Facility Anesthesiologist so you get transparency you need.

Common Surgical Procedures

- Arthroscopy - General
- Ankle
- Spine
- Ear, Nose & Throat
- Breast
- Gynecology

- Knee
- Feet
- Pain
- Ophthalmology
- Shoulder 
- Wrist/Hand

- Fractures
- Hip
- General Surgery
- Elbow
- Hardware Removal
- Cardiovascular

Average Bundled Prices

CategorySERVICE DESCRIPTORSERVICE CATEGORY / CPT and or DRG Typical Bundled Discount Rate
Arthroscopy - GeneralWrist (Arthroscopy)29840$4,300
Arthroscopy - GeneralShoulder (Arthroscopy)29806$5,720
Arthroscopy - GeneralKnee with lateral release or micro fracture (Arthroscopy)29873$4,510
Arthroscopy - GeneralKnee (Arthroscopy)29871$3,740
Arthroscopy - GeneralHip (Arthroscopy)29862$5,575
Arthroscopy - GeneralElbow (Arthroscopy)29830$3,740
Arthroscopy - GeneralAnkle (Arthroscopy)29891,27695, 27696, 27698, 29827, 29891, 29892, 29893, 29894, 29895, 29897, 29898, 29899$3,740
BreastMastectomy with or without Node Dissection19302$5,005
BreastMass - Excision / Biospy19120$2,365
BreastExcision Benign Lesion11426$1,900
Breast2nd stage: w/implant placement, bilateral$5,555
Breast2nd stage: w/ implant placement, single19357$4,235
Breast1st stage: reconstruction w/expandersN/A
CardiovascularPerc cardiovascular proc w/drug-eluting stent w/o MCC$18,000
CardiovascularPerc cardiovascular proc w non-drug-eluting stent w MCC or 4+ ves/stents$22,500
CardiovascularPacemaker Implantation33206 or 33207$11,400
CardiovascularPacemaker Battery Replacement33212 or 33213$7,600
CardiovascularCoronary bypass w/o cardiac cath w/ MCC$45,000
CardiovascularCoronary bypass w cardiac cath w/o MCC$38,000
CardiovascularCoronary bypass w cardiac cath w/ MCC$55,000
CardiovascularCarotid artery stent procedure w/o CC/MCC$15,400
CardiovascularCarotid artery stent procedure w/ MCC$29,000
CardiovascularCarotid artery stent procedure w CC$18,900
CardiovascularCardiac Pacemaker Revision except devise replacement w/o MCC$9,000
CardiovascularCardiac pacemaker revision except device replacement w/ MCC$26,000
CardiovascularCardiac pacemaker revision except device replacement w CC$12,900
CardiovascularCardiac pacemaker device replacement w/o MCC$14,100
CardiovascularCardiac pacemaker device replacement w/ MCC$19,000
CardiovascularCardiac defibrillator implant w/cardiac cath w/o AMI/HF/shock w/o MCC$44,000
CardiovascularCardiac defibrillator implant w/cardiac cath w AMI/HF/shock w/o MCC$42,500
CardiovascularCardiac defibrillator implant w cardiac cath w/o AMI/HF/shock w MCC$58,000
Ear, Nose & ThroatTonsillectomy and Andenoidecomty42820 (under age 12), 42821 (12 and older)$3,075
Ear, Nose & ThroatThyroidectomy60210 (Partial), 60220 (Total), 60220, 60252$6,100
ElbowUlnar Nerve Transposition / Epicondylectomy64718/24358$4,510
ElbowElbow Arthroplasty24363$3,740
FeetRepair of nail bed11760$2,805
FeetPlantar fasciotomy / tarsal tunnel28060$3,080
FeetPlantar Fasciotomy28060$3,080
FeetOsteotomy; calcaneus (eg, Dwyer or Chambers type procedure), with or without internal fixationTransfer or transplant of single tendon (with muscle redirection or rerouting); deep (eg, anterior tibial or posterior tibial through interosseous space, flexor digitorum longus, flexor tendon to midfoot or hindfoot) hallucis longus, or peroneal;28300, 27687, 27691N/A
FeetOsteotomy, with or without lengthening, shortening or angular correction, metatarsal; other than first metatarsal28308$4,125
FeetOsteotomy, with or without lengthening, shortening or angular correction, metatarsal; other than first metatarsal28308, 28110, 28234$4,125
FeetOsteotomy, with or without lengthening, shortening or angular correction, metatarsal; first metatarsal28306$4,125
FeetOsteotomy partial excision28110$4,125
FeetOstectomy, partial excision, fifth metatarsal head (bunionette) Tenotomy, open, extensor, foot or toe, each tendon up to two28110$4,125
FeetNeuroma Excision28080$2,750
FeetMorton's Neuroma and Hammertoe28080, 28055, 28285, 28296$2,750
FeetHammertoe (3)28285$3,355
FeetHammertoe (2)28285$2,860
FeetHammertoe (1)28285$2,500
FeetHallux rigidus correction with cheilectomy, debridement and capsular release of the first metatarsophalangeal joint28289$3,650
FeetGastrocnemius Recession27687$4,180
FeetDouble Osteotomy (hallux valgus)28299, 28310N/A
FeetBunionectomy28290, 28292, 28293, 28294, 28296, 28297, 28298, 28310$6,752
FeetBunion (hallux valgus)28290, 28292, 28293, 28294, 28296, 28297, 28298, 28310$4,125
FeetArthrodesis, great toe; metatarsophalangeal joint28750$4,125
FracturesSimple (includes rodding Humerus/Tibia/Femur)23600$4,455
FracturesPercutaneous Pinning - finger 1-2 pins26727$2,805
FracturesOpen treatment of patellar fracture, with internal fixation and/or partial or complete patellectomy and soft tissue repair27524$4,455
FracturesComplex (includes rodding Humerus/Tibia/Femur)23615$6,375
FracturesClosed Reduction and Casting25605$1,925
General SurgeryVein Stripping - single37718$3,520
General SurgeryVaricose Vein Laser Treatment36475-36479 (Radiofrequency Treatment 36475-36476)N/A
General SurgeryHernia Repair Inguincal Ventral Femoral Umbilical Incisional49491-49525, 49650-49651$2,500
General SurgeryExcision Pilonidal Cyst11770-11772$1,500
General SurgeryCholecystectomy47562, 47563$5,865
GIUpper GI Endoscopy4323-43255, 43233, 43266, 43270$1,500
GIHemorrhoidectomy46225, 46260 (more than one)$2,200
GIColonoscopy with or without biopsy45378 (w/out biopsy), 45380 (w/ biopsy)$1,500
GIColonoscopy45378 -45386, 45388-45393, 45398,G0121, G0105$1,500
GUTransurethral Resection of the Prostate (TURP)52601$4,575
GUHIFU for prostate cancerC9734 / 55899$15,000
GynecologyVaginal Hysterectomy58550 (less than or equal 250 grams), 58552 (less than or equal 250 grams + tubes and/or overies), 58553 (greater than 250 grams)$6,000
GynecologyTotal Mastectomy19303 - 19307$15,000
GynecologyPartial Mastectomy19301N/A
GynecologyLaparoscopic Hysterectomy including overnight58570-58573$6,000
GynecologyBreast Reconstruction19357$6,380
GynecologyBreast Reconstruction19357$6,380
Hardware RemovalSimple20680$2,530
HipTotal Replacement/Arthroscopy27130, 25446$18,500
HipHip Arthroscopy without repair29860, 29861, 29862, 29863$9,475
HipHip Arthroscopy with repair29860-29863, 29914, 29915, 29916$5,575
HipHip Arthroplasty27130$7,525
KneeTotal Replacement/Arthroplasty, Unilateral27445, 27446$20,500
KneeTotal Knee Arthroplasty27437, 27438, 27440, 27442, 27446, 27447$39,655
KneeTibial Tubercle Osteotomy (Knee)27455$6,270
KneePosterior cruciate ligament repair (Knee)27409$6,990
KneeMedial Collateral Ligament (Knee)27405$6,160
KneeMed OR lateral Meniscectomy (Knee)29881$3,740
KneeMed & lateral Meniscectomy (Knee)29880$3,740
KneeKnee Scope without repair29870, 29871, 29873, 29874, 29875, 29876, 29877, 29879, 29880, 29881, 29882, 29883, 29884, 29885, 29886, 29887$3,447
KneeKnee Scope with repair29870, 29871, 29873, 29874, 29875, 29876, 29877, 29879, 29880, 29881, 29882, 29883, 29884, 29885, 29886, 29887N/A
KneeComplete Synovectomy (Knee)29876$3,740
KneeChondroplasty (Knee)29877$3,740
KneeArthroscopy, knee, diagnostic, with or without synovial biopsy29870$3,740
KneeArthroscopy of knee with Anterior Ligament Repair29888$3,700
KneeArthroscopy knee with or without meniscetomy29870 - 29887$3,700
KneeAnterior cruciate ligament repair (Knee)29888$6,990
KneeACL Repair/Reconstruction with Autograft29888, 29889$9,790
KneeACL Repair/Reconstruction29888, 29889$6,990
MiscellaneousSupplies & Materials99070N/A
MiscellaneousPorta-cath removal36590$1,850
MiscellaneousManipulation under anesthesia with block27570$2,000
MiscellaneousManipulation shoulder / anesthesia23700$2,000
MiscellaneousLaparoscopic Diagnostic and Therapeutic49320 (Diagnostic); 49321 (w/ Biopsy); 49322(w/ aspiration)N/A
MiscellaneousInjection, Anesthestic Agent64400-64530N/A
MiscellaneousFluorsoscopic Guidance & Localization of Needle or Cath77003$3,740
MiscellaneousCentral IV Access Port36561$3,190
OpthamologyRetinal Treatment67039-67113N/A
OpthamologyGlaucoma (and its related surgeries)66179-66185N/A
OpthamologyGlaucoma (and its related surgeries)0191TN/A
OpthamologyGlaucoma (and its related surgeries)66150 -66175N/A
OpthamologyCorneal Transplants65710-65757N/A
OpthamologyCataract and lens implant (and its related surgeries)66984, 66982$3,522
PainStellate Ganglion Block64510$1,100
PainSacroiliac Joint Injection27096$900
PainReblock for Acute Postop pain64415$1,200
PainLumbar Sympathetic64520$1,580
PainLumbar Epidural Steroid62311$700
PainLumbar Epidural for back pain64483, 64484$1,100
PainEpidural Blood Patch62275$1,100
PainCervical Epidural62310$1,100
ShoulderTotal Shoulder Arthroplasty / Replacement23472$5,720
ShoulderTenodesis of long tendon of biceps23430$4,950
ShoulderSubacromial decompression29826$6,160
ShoulderShoulder Reconstruction- clavicle,cuff,labrum29805- 29827$5,259
ShoulderShoulder Hemiarthroplasty23470$2,600
ShoulderShoulder Arthroscopy without repair29805$4,400
ShoulderShoulder Arthroscopy with repair29805, 29826,29827$6,255
ShoulderReverse Total Shoulder Arthroplasty23473, 23474N/A
ShoulderRepair, tendon or muscle, upper arm or elbow, each tendon or muscle, primary or secondary (excludes rotator cuff) (Shoulder)24341$4,950
ShoulderReinsertion of ruptured biceps or triceps tendon, distal, with or without tendon graft24342N/A
ShoulderORIF scaphoid fracture, ORIF distal radius fracture25628, 25525, 25526$6,900
ShoulderORIF MCP or IP joint26746$5,100
ShoulderOpen Rotator Cuff Repair (Shoulder)23410$6,260
ShoulderExtensive debridement29823$6,160
ShoulderExcision, tumor, soft tissue of shoulder area, subcutaneous; 3 cm or greater23071$2,255
ShoulderDistal Clavicle Excision (Shoulder)23170$4,730
ShoulderDistal Clavicle Excision (Shoulder)23120$4,730
ShoulderDistal Clavicle Excision29824$6,160
ShoulderBankhart Stabilization (Shoulder)23466$6,160
ShoulderBankhart Stabilization (Shoulder)23455$6,160
ShoulderArthroscopic rotator cuff repair shoulder29827$6,160
ShoulderArthroscopic debridement shoulder29822$6,160
SpineSpinal fusion surgery (anterior including minimal discectomy, thoracic)22556N/A
SpineSpinal fusion surgery (anterior including minimal discectomy, lumbar)22558N/A
SpineSpinal fusion surgery (each additional level22585N/A
SpineTotal Disc Arthroplasty Anterior including Discectomy 2 level22856N/A
SpineTotal Disc Arthroplasty Anterior including Discectomy 1 level22856N/A
SpineSpinal fusion surgery (anterior including minimal discectomy, cervical)22554$36,271
SpineLumbar Laminectomy63047$9,900
SpineAnterior Cervical Discectomy with fusion 2 level22552$25,360
SpineAnterior Cervical Discectomy with fusion 1 level22551$18,960
Wrist/HandWrist arthroplasty25332, 25446$4,300
Wrist/HandTrigger Finger26055$2,750
Wrist/HandTotal wrist replacement25446$4,650
Wrist/HandTenolysis, flexor or extensor tendon, leg and/or ankle; single, each tendon27680$2,475
Wrist/HandTendon sheath incision (trigger finger repair)26055$2,189
Wrist/HandSynovectomy, tendon sheath, radical (tenosynovectomy), flexor tendon, palm and/or finger, each tendon26145$2,950
Wrist/HandSuspenionplasty, Arthroplasty, interposition, intercarpal or carpometacarpal joints25447$4,650
Wrist/HandRepair, open or percutaneous, Achilles tendon, with or without graft27650, 27652$5,900
Wrist/HandRadical resection of tumor, soft tissue of forearm and/or wrist area25077, 25078N/A
Wrist/HandPalmer fasciotomy or fasciectomy26123, 26125$2,950
Wrist/HandORIF phalangeal shaft fracture26735N/A
Wrist/HandOpen treatment of distal fibular fracture (lateral malleolus), includes internal fixation, when performed27792N/A
Wrist/HandOpen Carpal Tunnel64721$4,785
Wrist/HandGastrocnemius recession (eg, Strayer procedure)27687$4,180
Wrist/HandGanglion Excision25111$2,750
Wrist/HandFasciectomy, partial palmar with release of single digit including proximal interphalangeal joint, with or without Z-plasty, other local tissue rearrangement, or skin grafting26123$2,950
Wrist/HandExcision, tumor, soft tissue of forearm and/or wrist area25071, 25073, 25075, 25076$2,750
Wrist/HandExcision of lesion of tendon sheath or joint capsule (eg, cyst, mucous cyst, or ganglion), hand or finger26160$2,750
Wrist/HandEndoscopic Carpal Tunnel29848, 25020N/A
Wrist/HandDupuytrens Contracture25000$2,950
Wrist/HanddeQuervains disease (incision, extensor tendon sheath, wrist)25000N/A
Wrist/HandCarpal Tunnel Release64721$2,750
Wrist/HandBrostrum Repair, secondary, disrupted ligament, ankle, collateral27698$4,950
Wrist/HandArthroplasty with prosthetic replacement, distal radius/ulna25441, 25442N/A
Wrist/HandArthroplasty interposition, intercarpal or CMP joints25447N/A
Wrist/HandAnkle scope w rem loose body29894$3,740
Wrist/HandAnkle Repair27698, 27676N/A
Wrist/HandAnkle Arthroplasty27000, 27701, 27702, 24604N/A
Wrist/HandAchilles Repair27650$5,730
OpthamologyLasik66999- no specific code for LASIK (could use S0800) generally self-payN/A
Our plans provides discounts at certain providers for healthcare, wellness, and lifestyle services. Members must pay for all services at the time of service, but will receive a reduced price from those providers who have contracted with the program operator. Providers may not be available in all locations. Offers are subject to change without notice.