June 21, 2019

How to Find a Direct Primary Care Doctor

Do you need to go to the doctor but cannot afford the office visit and everything else that could come with it? Many Americans are in the same shoes. We have the solution for you.

We are a direct pay healthcare provider. At first, that sounds like, oh I need to pay the doctor directly, how is that going to help? It is not what it seems; the title is deceiving.

Before deciding if the direct pay healthcare is for you or not, learn how the program works. Then consider, a few real-life scenarios that you may have already experienced in your family. 

24/7 Access to Doctors, Therapists, and Psychiatrists

Direct pay healthcare is a program where you receive 24 hours a day, 7 days a week personal access to any doctor, therapist, or psychiatrist you may need. Not only can you personally talk to them as you need them, but the doctors come to you. For FREE! Yes, you read that right, for free.

You may be thinking, this is too good to be true. No, it is not.
Let me explain how it works. You become a member of a healthcare professional network, called Rethink My Healthcare. As a member of the network, you have access to any doctor you need at any time, and doctors provide you services anytime day or night.

Real Life Scenarios of Healthcare Benefits

Real life scenarios show the reality of this program. There is no reason to become a member if you are not going to benefit yourself and your family. Let us walk through a few scenarios:

You have a family, and your child starts feeling very warm at 11:00 pm. That's when fevers always seem to come on is late at night. So now this is what you have to do:

  • Get out of bed and get everyone dressed and ready
  • Drive to a local emergency room
  • Wait in the waiting room for a long while with a bunch of people who are possible contagious with the flu
  • Go in the exam room and wait
  • See the doctor, and the doctor prescribes an antibiotic
  • Wait for the prescription
  • Sign all the discharge papers
  • Pay an emergency room visit. 
  • Take the whole family to drop the prescription off at the pharmacy
  • Drop the family at home
  • Drive back to the Pharmacy to pick up the order.

All of that took a minimum of 2-3 hours. That's on a good day. Most days, you can wait in the emergency waiting room longer than that. Now, you have to concern your self if your family is going to come down with the flu and you will have to miss work.

You are a member of Rethink My Healthcare. You have a family, and your child starts feeling very warm at 11:00 pm. That's when fevers always seem to come on is late at night. So this is what you do instead:

  • Stay in your pajamas and find your phone on the charger. 
  • Follow the login instructions for Rethink My Healthcare.
  • Schedule an appointment with a doctor.
  • Turn on the television and wait.
  • Your phone rings, and you have a video exam with the doctor
  • The doctor prescribes an antibiotic and calls it into your pharmacy.
  • Call the pharmacy and ask when the prescription will be ready.
  • Make a snack and watch television while you wait for the prescription to be filled.
  • Leave your family at home and pick up the prescription.
  • Do not pay a doctor bill and possibly get your prescription discounted.

Amazing, as a member of Rethink my Healthcare, you can go to the doctor for FREE. And as a bonus skip waiting at the emergency room. Your family has not been out to all hours of the night and exposed to the latest influenza in the emergency room.

Let us look at another possible scenario that could happen in your family. You are having the worst time in life. Your marriage is on the rocks, and you just lost your job, your children grades and performance are suffering at school due to family stress. You just need someone to talk to that understands and that can offer some reliable help. You need a therapist. Understandably so. You only have traditional health insurance or maybe no health insurance. What do you do?

  • Go online to find a counselor or psychologist.
  • Make a list of a few then try to find unbiased reviews.
  • Call the office to make an appointment to find they are no longer accepting appointments.
  • Keep looking until you find a qualified therapist.
  • Make an appointment
  • Go to the appointment a few days or weeks or so later.
  • Have a 1-hour session with the therapist.
  • Feel better till you pay the session in full as part of your deductible.
  • Pay the session
  • Leave and think, how am I going to pay for the sessions until my deductible is satisfied? 

While you did get to a therapist to help you deal with real and overwhelming anxieties of life, however, it create a little more stress. The stress of how am I going to pay for the therapist in the future was added to your burdens.

You are a Rethink My Healthcare member. You are having the worst time in life, marriage on the rocks, you just lost your job, your children grades and performance are suffering at school due to family stress. You just need someone to talk to that understands and can help. Understandably so. What do you do?

  • Stop breathe and find your phone
  • Login in to Rethink My Healthcare
  • Schedule an appointment with a licensed prescreened therapist
  • Wait for your phone to ring
  • Breath and Drink some water
  • Answer your video call 
  • Have your needed therapy session.
  • Hang up and go about your day.
  • Your virtual session is free.

As a Rethink my Healthcare member, your stress can be reduced. Your session was included in your budget monthly membership fee. No additional cost or burden was added to your life. You also received the care right when you needed it. 

So these are just two of the thousands of scenarios we can give you of how the Rethink my Healthcare membership can make receiving healthcare not only more cost-effective but a simpler answer to getting the healthcare you need. 

Rethink my Healthcare and Your Family

There are many other benefits you receive in becoming a Rethink My Healthcare member. All of the healthcare providers in our network are verified as top professionals in their field of study. Well-qualified healthcare professionals are a premium benefit of our membership plan. Membership benefits can also include fixed price dental and surgical procedures, as well as discounted prescriptions.

It is worth your time to see how you and your family can save money on your healthcare or get the healthcare you need. Time is money. Do not waste time and money by waiting to sign up for the Rethink My Healthcare network. Save your family money and sign up today. You will be glad you did!

Our plans provides discounts at certain providers for healthcare, wellness, and lifestyle services. Members must pay for all services at the time of service, but will receive a reduced price from those providers who have contracted with the program operator. Providers may not be available in all locations. Offers are subject to change without notice.