Frequently asked questions

Is this Insurance?

No we are not insurance, we are a platform that helps cut out insurance companies so you can get great healthcare at an affordable prices.

We found that most Americans pay anywhere from $6,000 - $18,000 a year in premiums alone! Add on a deductible it's almost obscene.

We decided to take matters into our own hands and start building networks of healthcare providers who also don't want to deal with insurance and would  rather give great healthcare at affordable prices.

Can I See My Normal Doctor?

Most doctors will accept cash prices but not all. If you want to know about seeing your current doctor please reach out to them directly. We will partially reimburse some doctor visits on a case by case basis.

We do recommend that you use our Tele-Medicine service first and see what that Doctor recommends for next steps.

How do the Critical Illness and Accident Benefits Work?

If something bad happens to you or one of your loved ones, the last thing we want you to do is worry about the billing. When you talk to the admission doctor, just ask for a cash price and to send the bill to you.

Once you've received that bill, you can send that to us and we will reimburse you directly. We will also help work with you and making sure you are not being overcharged for services.

Is the Health Matching Account Included in my Monthly Price?

The Health Matching Account is included but it is not funded by your standard monthly payments. You would have to allot a certain amount of money to it monthly in addition to our monthly price.

I have Diabetes or other Pre-Existing Conditions is this for me?

We do not discriminate against people with Pre-Exisiting Conditions, you are always welcome to join us.

That being said we are not a one size fits all solution, and if you see specialists regularly or take certain medications having a real health insurance plan might be better.

Will you be adding more services?

We are constantly working to add more services as we can. If you have any suggestions feel free to reach out.