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  • Simple, at-home genetics test for potential medication modifications.
  • Insights to over 130 medications for pain, mental health, cardio and more.
  • Easy to read, actionable report to share with your doctor.
  • We never share your information
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  • Simple, at-home genetics test for potential medication modifications
  • Insights into over 130 medications for pain, cardio, mental health, and more
  • May reduce adverse drug events and prevent trial and error approach with certain medications
  • Easy to read, actionable reports for you and your doctor
  • Painless swab collection
  • We never share your information

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  • Includes all the same features of the GetMyDNA Test Kit
  • Ability to purchase the kit for someone special
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  • We never share their information

What Our Customers Say

"I spent several years trying multiple medications
for anxiety and depression and failing to find the
right one. After having this test done and adjusting
my medications, I have had tremendous success!
This test has truly changed my life.”

-Lauren from Tennessee

GetMyDNA makes Pharmacogenetic (PGx) testing easy and affordable for you and your family.

Pharmacogenetics, also called pharmacogenomics, is the study of how genes affect the body's response to certain medicines. Genes are parts of DNA passed down from your mother and father. ... Pharmacogenetic testing looks at specific genes to help figure out the types of medicines and dosages that may be right for you.

With GetMyDNA you have access to the same test that doctors prescribe, at a fraction fo the price. The test is also user-friendly and simple to complete. To get started, order your GetMyDNA kit. Once approved, a testing kit will be sent to your home for you to swab the inside of your cheek. You then enclose the swabs in the pre-paid USPS bag provided in your kit and ship it back to our lab to be tested. It's really that simple.

Trust our high-quality lab and results.

Once our lab receives your kit, your sample is put through our data-driven, state-of-the-art screening process which studies and identifies your genetics. These results are compiled into an easy to read, actionable report that your healthcare professional can use as a guide to prescribe medications that work best with your body.

Feel confident with oversight from a certified healthcare provider.

When you place your order for GetMyDNA, a board-certified physician will evaluate your current medications and history to approve your order.

Once your report is available, if any changes in your current reported medications are recommended, you will be provided with a link to schedule a consult with a board-certified genetic counselor to discuss your results.

Taking your health into your own hands has never been this simple.

GetMyDNA is as simple as 1-2-3 !
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