Accident and Critical Illness Coverage

What is Accident Coverage?

With the cost of health insurance becoming increasingly expensive, a better solutions is needed. Accident Coverage provides protection from the unanticipated expense of accidental injuries by paying cash benefits upfront for qualified accidents.

The benefits can be used to help pay the out-of-pocket costs of medical treatment such as deductibles and copays, or other diagnostics or therapy that primary insurance doesn’t always cover. Accident coverage benefits can also be used to help with living expenses, such as mortgage, rent, car payments, gas, childcare or groceries.

Coverage is available for ages 18 - 74

Pays in addition to other coverage

Spouse and dependent coverage is available

Everyone is eligible

Coverage is in force from the day application is
submitted depending on underwriting

Convenience of quick claims pay directly to you

Accident Benefits

Emergency Room - $100/day

Hospital Confinement - $225/day

Hospital Admission - $1000/per admission

Daily Intensive Care - $400/day

Surgery - $1000/day

Anesthesia - $250/day

Critical Illness Coverage

What is Critical Illness Coverage

Did you know In the United States:

- About Every 34 Seconds Someone Suffers a Heart Attack.

- Every 40 Seconds Someone Suffers a Stroke.

- Over a lifetime, Nearly 50% of Men Will be Diagnosed with Some Form of Cancer.

- The lifetime cancer risk for women is More Than 1-in-3

Our Product helps ensure that if these Healthcare Issues come up you are covered! 

What Makes Us Unique

Multiple Benefit Feature

A maximum of 100% of the benefit applied for is paid in each category (other than Category 1 in the first
90 days) for a total of up to three (3) times the policy benefit amount as long as the illnesses are diagnosed at least 180 days apart.8 If you become ill and the first benefit paid under a category does not equal 100% of the benefit amount you selected, you are then eligible for subsequent benefit payments for covered
illnesses in the same category until you reach 100% of your selected benefit amount.

Recurrence Benefit

If you become ill and are paid full benefits for a Category 2 or 3 Critical Illness, you can receive an additional 25% payment of the benefit amount you selected if you have a recurrence. This is available for up to 2 recurrences as long as you have not exceeded your maximum benefit amount and the occurrences are more
than 18 months apart.

Additional Benefit

If you are paid benefits for the first occurrence of a specified covered Critical Illness more than 90 days after
your policy is issued, we will pay an additional cash lump sum, equal to 6 months of premium, to help cover
premium payments or other expenses.

What is Covered

Category 1

  • Invasive Cancer (100%)
  • Invasive Cancer - diagnosis prior to 90 days of in force coverage (10%)*
  • Cancer In Situ (25%)
  • Cancer In Situ - diagnosis prior to 90 days of in force coverage (2.5%)*

Category 2

  • Heart Attack (100%)
  • Heart Transplant (100%)
  • Stroke (100%)
  • Angioplasty (25%)
  • Aortic Surgery (25%)
  • Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery (25%)
  • Heart Valve Replacement/ Repair Surgery (25%)

Category 3

  • Coma (100%)
  • End-Stage Renal Failure (100%)
  • Major Organ Transplant, other than heart (100%)
  • Paralysis (100%)

How It Works

Age 35

At age 35, Marvin Lee purchased a Critical Illness plan with a $20,000 Initial Benefit Amount.

Age 38

At age 38 Marvin suffered a heart attack and was immediately paid a lump sum of $20,000

Additional Benefits

Marvin also received a lump sum equal to 6 months of premium to help with premium payments

Age 39.5

Twenty months later, Marvin suffered a second heart attack. Under the Recurrence Benefit feature, he was paid an additional 25% of his Initial Benefit amount.

Total Awarded - $26,000

While it is unfortunate that Marvin suffered these health problems, because he was prepared with Critical Illness Insurance, Marvin was able to relax knowing that he had cash on hand to cover his unpaid time off work, his deductibles, copayments and other living expenses.