Seeing a Registered Doctor Has Never Been so Easy!

Get diagnosed and prescribed medication by phone, computer, or mobile app
$0 Copays for our Rethink My Healthcare Members!
$50 Reimbursements for Annual Check Ups

How It Works

With RethinkMyHealthcare, you can see a doctor 24/7 365 days of the year no matter where you are!
Step One:
Book one of our Hundreds of Board Certified Doctors for an appointment 
Either Schedule a consult immediately or Schedule for a time convenient to you! 
Step Two
Talk with your Doctor about your Symptoms. 
All consults are done via Video or Phone
Step Three
Pick up your Prescriptions if needed or follow their instructions
You can send your medications to any Pharmacy convenient to you!

Common Treatment

- Cold and Flu
- Constipation
- Diarrhea
- Fever

- Sinus Infection
- Cough
- Nasal Congestion
- Bronchitis

- Sore Throat
- Urinary Tract Infection
- Allergies and Asthma
- Ear Ache

Frequently asked questions

Who are the Online Doctors?

Our online doctors are U.S. board-certified, have on average 10+ years of experience. They can treat over 50 routine medical conditions by mobile app, online or by phone. 

When you log in and request an appointment, you will only be shown doctors who are licensed to practice in your state.
We?re proud to partner with excellent doctors, and we make it a priority to provide you with a top-notch experience. 

Our doctors receive rigorous, ongoing training to diagnose and treat medical conditions remotely and using uploaded images. 

Following each appointment, our members are
given a survey to evaluate their doctor. The results are analyzed and reviewed for quality assurance and used as part of our continuous improvement process. Randomly selected appointments are also reviewed by our internal medical board.

Can an online doctor prescribe medication as part of an MDLIVE appointment?

Yes. If the MDLIVE doctor believes medication is needed, he or she can write a prescription for non-narcotic medications (i.e. no controlled substances), which can be sent directly to your nearest pharmacy. All prescriptions are fully compliant and include all required information.

Do you provide doctor?s notes to excuse absences from school or work?

Yes. If your MDLIVE doctor recommends that you or your child take time away from work or school to recover from your illness, he or she can provide a note to excuse up to three days of absence. If you have already missed work or school due to your illness, your MDLIVE doctor can provide a note to excuse up to two missed days before you had your MDLIVE visit.

To receive a doctor?s note to excuse your absence, simply request this from your doctor during your MDLIVE visit. Your doctor will send you a link through your secure messaging center to download
and print your note.
Our plans provides discounts at certain providers for healthcare, wellness, and lifestyle services. Members must pay for all services at the time of service, but will receive a reduced price from those providers who have contracted with the program operator. Providers may not be available in all locations. Offers are subject to change without notice.