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We make you the priority. Call us and we will make an appointment with one of our Doctors. No more looking for a "Doctor that is on my plan". Direct contact with a Doctor, right away.

How It Works

With RethinkMyHealthcare, you can see a doctor 24/7 365 days of the year no matter where you are!

You get sick or need to talk to a doctor

You call or video chat with one of our Doctors

They let you know what is wrong and put in a prescription if needed

You pick up your Prescription using our Pharmacy Savings Service

You get better! 

Common Treatment

- Cold and Flu
- Constipation
- Diarrhea
- Fever

- Sinus Infection
- Cough
- Nasal Congestion
- Bronchitis

- Sore Throat
- Urinary Tract Infection
- Allergies and Asthma
- Ear Ache

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