Health Matching Accounts

Meet the new way of saving for medical treatments. Where you get matched on every dollar you put in! 

Saving for Healthcare has never been so easy!

I couldn't believe how much money I had in my account after a few months. No More worrying about how I will pay crazy healthcare bills!
— Ben H.

Health Matching for You

What is it?

The HMA (Health Matching Account) is the ultimate medical benefit savings account available to help you save money on your out-of-pocket, medical expenses. As you add money to our account we award its owners up to $1 in medical benefits or more for every $1 contributed into their HMA account balance as the program progresses

How does it work?

The HMA Medical Benefits Visa® Prepaid Card will be swiped at the point-of-service to pay for nearly all our cardholders’ medical services including copays and deductibles up to their HMA account balance at the time of the claim and can be used by either individuals or families. HMA accounts also pay for elective procedures that are not covered by health insurance such as plastic surgery, lasik and fertility as well as home health and long-term care expenses among others.

What Medical Services are Covered?

Your HMA account balance will pay for your 213 (d) medical expenses, long term care and home health expenses as well as most elective procedures including lasik and plastic surgery among other highly sought after procedures. 

You can see a full list by clicking here: Learn More