August 21, 2019

Health Insurance when you are young isn't always needed if you are healthy

There is no doubt that the entire national healthcare landscape is changing. As with all sweeping changes, it hasn't been an easy process to date.

But while changing healthcare options, rules and requirements has arguably opened up options for underserved populations, including those who are self-employed or in lower income brackets, there is one major population that is still being neglected by mainstream healthcare offerings - young and healthy people!

If this describes you, the glaring omission in the federal and state healthcare plans to date has not gone unnoticed.

Not only is Obamacare enrollment falling consistently from one year to the next, but more individuals and families are still forgoing traditional health insurance entirely for a range of very good personal reasons.

In some cases, those reasons include being young, generally healthy and simply unable to use a traditional policy in a way that returns equal value for the money spent.

There is a bright light inside the cloud of the unsettled traditional healthcare marketplace, however.

This is especially the case if you are young and mainly healthy, with good personal health and wellness habits. Dissatisfaction with the current mainstream health insurance offerings has led to an expansion of options that may fit your needs perfectly.

What Is Pay As You Go Healthcare?

"Pay as you go" is a term that translates to mean you get the healthcare you need when you need it without having to have traditional health insurance to get it.

While pay as you go healthcare is not a new invention (it has been around and in use since the turn of the century), it is certainly becoming increasingly popular and well-utilized in many parts of the country.

Chief fans of the pay as you go system are individuals and families who are either simply fed up with traditional health insurance or are chronically underserved by existing health insurance options.

Here is a simple example of how pay as you go healthcare might work for you.

You are feeling queasy. It might be something you ate or that bug going around at work. You feel worse and worse. You grab your phone and log in to your Rethink My Healthcare portal. A few minutes later, you have an appointment with your primary care doctor, who calls in medication to ease your symptoms. An hour later, your prescription is ready and an hour after that, you have taken your first dose and are resting quietly at home. Oh, and you paid nothing for the appointment and pennies for your prescription.

This is the new era of healthcare, where your doctor comes to you only as you need care and your prescriptions are affordable and filled fast and locally.

What Is Telemedicine?

Even if you haven't spent much time to date researching healthcare trends, you have probably heard the term "telemedicine." But what exactly is tele-medicine and how does it work?

Most pertinently, why might tele-medicine be a fantastic option for a busy young professional on the go who is generally healthy?

As the term suggests, tele-medicine ("telephone" + "medicine") is medical care that happens over the phone instead of face to face. Tele-medicine with smart devices may mean a simple phone call between patient and professional or it may mean a video-enabled call that is similar to FaceTime. It could also mean you submit photos that your provider examines prior to your phone appointment.

The most important thing to know about tele-medicine is that it makes use of the abundant technology we now have at our fingertips to connect patient and professional without a log of legwork for either.

You don't have to get up, get dressed, drive or catch a ride and sit in a crowded waiting room when you are feeling under the weather. Your provider doesn't have to pay overhead on that crowded waiting room, which drives up the price charged for your visit.

The provider maximizes all those years of training and expertise by being able to treat more patients more quickly and efficiently. You get to feel better faster. And it is all facilitated by your smart phones!

What Is Virtual Healthcare?

Virtual health care is a facet of telemedicine that extends the wonders of technology into every area of the healthcare arena today.

Primary care providers, specialists, psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists, dermatologists and other providers are now making use of "smart" technology to connect with patients in a virtual care setting.

Phone calls, video calls, app-enabled services, mobile medicine, email and chat tools - all are vital components of today's emerging virtual health care arena.

As you might imagine, virtual healthcare trims away the estimated up to 30 percent overhead that traditional healthcare insurers tack on to the underlying cost of medical and healthcare services.

Virtual healthcare trims away even more by cutting out the overhead expenses associated with keeping a brick-and-mortar office and staff.

By using technology you already have - smart devices - what you pay is a fraction of what it would cost to use a traditional health insurance policy to visit a physical provider clinic to receive health services.

The same holds true for the cost of medical prescriptions. It's a win-win for the medical and pharmaceutical industry as well as the patient. More patients are able to be seen affordably and get their prescriptions to feel better with less overhead expense for all concerned.

How to Know What Type of Health Coverage You Need

If you have already gone round 10 (or round 100) with the Affordable Care Act or private health insurers and feel reluctant to re-engage with that question yet again, it is important to know you have other, simpler, cheaper options.

It is even more important to know these other, simpler, cheaper options may be exactly what you need!

With direct healthcare using virtual and phone technology, you don't have to pretend you feel great when you don't, muscling through yet another bout of stomach flu or skin rash on your own.

You also don't have to overpay on cash-based urgent care services just because you don't want to live in misery for one more day.

Virtual care, tele-medicine and direct pay care provides you with care as you need it and only when you need it. You aren't paying for coverage you don't need and won't use but you also aren't going without care when you do need it (and let's be honest, we all need it sometimes no matter how basically healthy we typically feel).

If this describes you, then the type of healthcare coverage you need might not be mainstream health insurance at all! The care you need might best be found in an alternate healthcare model like Rethink My Insurance.

About Rethink My Healthcare

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