April 5, 2020

How Telemedicine is Making a Comeback

Although doctor’s no longer make house calls in the physical sense, it seems to be coming back in full force in the way of telemedicine which allows doctors to make a virtual care visit via an internet connection.
With telemedicine, doctors are able to make personal connections with patients via a smartphone or computer, allowing patients to save a trip to the doctor’s office due to possible covid-19 symptoms or if life is simply too busy. Even though telemedicine is still a new concept, it is expected to be highly used all throughout this year and well into the future to provide online therapy and patient care.

With so many more reasons for telemedicine, doctors who provide these services have also become sought-after for the following reasons.

Telemedicine Will Be Utilized By More Medicare Beneficiaries

Although a few health insurance carriers provided coverage to a few telemedicine claims, Medicare did not accept a lot of the claims submitted. These denials were mainly due to not meeting all requirements that Medicare had set up in their statute governing telehealth. The main statute was living rurally.

Although individuals who live rurally would receive the most out of telemedicine, these patients are only a handful of many who would also use the service from the comfort of their own home.

Luckily, Medicare will be broadening their schedule for reimbursement when any telemedicine is utilized as a service. This means that many other retirees who claim Medicare will be able to utilize this service if they are unable to make necessary trips like those who may have become infected with the covid-19 or many others who may be unable to afford many of the extras that doctor’s offices tack on.

Monitoring of Patients Will Become More Remote

A tool known as RPM (remote patient monitoring) will become more practical for doctors to use while providing care to the elderly community. Telemedicine can also help patients feel more secure while being able to continue living on their own, as they are being monitored remotely. This tool also benefits doctors by allowing them to take care of their appointments as they provide advice and online therapy all without being physically with them.

Another is the CMS which is planning to expand the Medicare reimbursement requirement for telemedicine as soon as it becomes fully available through the schedule of physician fees. It will also make improvements to the way patient care is presented and better options that are productive for all involved in the remote care.

An Increase in Telemedicine Will Make it Mainstream

With telemedicine becoming more popular, it will eventually become main-stream very soon.

This is option is already seen during the flu season and where in-person visits are not advisable. Visits like these have made a huge jump in 2019 and will only increase as time goes on and along with each flu outbreak.

When a flu outbreak occurs, having telemedicine lets the patient obtain the needed care without having to worry about catching it. Not only that, but many individuals with a compromised immune system will also benefit of a telemedicine appointment during the flu season as it could be life threatening.

Many Other Countries Are Making Plans to Implement Telemedicine

Telemedicine is not only well-known in the United States, but other countries as well. A good example is China and the fact that they are planning to invest billions in order to achieve a healthcare that is digitized. This digitization includes a huge telehealth ability that should be ready in a few years. Once it is in place it is thought to be able to include at least 75% of the hospitals throughout the country.

With an investment like this China will be able to enhance connection between different regions. At the moment, hospitals in China only have a 49% connection to all information that is available.

Having 5G Connection Will Make Telemedicine Faster

In the near future 5G will be available from all cellular carriers in order to provide the fastest internet connection for mobile use. Having this type of upgrade will allow for rapid transfer of data with very little latency. This will make things a lot easier for videos to be streamed as well as enabling it to flip the healthcare field over itself.

This 5G connectivity will enable patients to be connected with their doctor instantly and without the lag to get in the way of passing along vital information.

For patients, a 5G telehealth rollout will make it easier to access the many medical practices. Plus, with no impact on insurances, the patient can concentrate on making their initial contact with their doctor a lot more personable.

An Increase in Cybersecurity May be a Challenge

Every time a network is connected to a system, there is a high chance that hackers may try to gain access and control of the health information of a patient. Not only that but if a hacker got a hold of a computer system that controlled biomed machines, then it would be a matter of life and death if these got hacked.

This is why it will be more of a challenge once telemedicine becomes main stream. The responsibility to counter it will be left with cybersecurity departments in order to keep the connection intruder-free as they care for their patient from a remote area.

Telemedicine Brings Back a Personal Interaction

When a house call occurred, patients had a real relationship with the family doctor. However, that all changed when healthcare technology got advanced and people became busier. This is one reason for telemedicine to become more popular.

We have to have someone who we can trust our health with and seek advice from. When you have a doctor that provides that for you by way of telemedicine, you are able to have that type of relationship built while also having a thorough medical history obtained.

Telemedicine Will Be Able to Grow With the Elderly Population

Pretty soon the population of elderly will be doubled in the next 20 years.

With this rise you can expect to see an increase in needs among the elderly. These needs will also see a higher demand for telemedicine needs. This will allow them to receive the personal care that will help them get over any issue.

You may also see doctors being outsourced in order to attend to the telemedicine needs so that they can continue to live in comfort while obtaining the medical care that they desire.

Telemedicine Enables House Calls to be Remote

It’s obvious that medicine has grown a lot and has even moved into the world of technology. So much so that a doctor is able to open his laptop computer and conduct a patient encounter over a webcam. Not only is telemedicine skyrocketing, but it allows patients to receive virtual care at any time of the day or night.

The system lets them receive referrals, advice, and prescriptions whenever a need arrises.

Being More Aware of Health Consciousness

Due to the increased amount of heart disease and obesity, many people have begun to be more creative in their search for ways that are different and new in order for them to be well informed.

Because of this, there will be a lot of questions that people will want to have doctors answer. This also allows the patient to remain in control without feeling hurried so they know that their health really matters.

Receive Needed Medical Care

Besides becoming more popular, telemedicine doctors are becoming equally important. You will love the fact that a doctor will be readily available.

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