May 17, 2019

Not sure where healthcare went? Well its starting to reappear in an old way.

If you are a typical consumer in the US your interaction with the health care community is guided by a health insurance company. The health insurers decide what doctors you can see, how much they will be paid, how much you will pay, and even what treatments you can have. It's an odd thing when an insurance company is second-guessing your doctor, but they tell you its for your own good. Without it, there would be rampant health care costs that would break an individual financially. By dictating all of these costs and treatment while at the same time setting pricing, they are keeping everything under control.

Except they don't. Americans are healthier than ever, in fact, rural hospitals are having a hard time staying open. Not enough business. 70% of the population goes to a doctor for less than 1 time a year. In other words, we don't go. If you are between the ages of 26 and 44 they have stopped keeping data on chronic ailments, because there really isn't any.

So what am I supposed to do? My premiums keep going up and my deductible is higher than ever. Years ago, people just dealt directly with a doctor. Today, its easier than ever to do that. Most doctors are setting up specific pricing for customers who want to just pay the bill and get the treatment they need, without the insurance company getting involved. The results are tremendous savings, better service, and peace of mind.

It turns out, that one of the big stresses of modern life is worrying about paying health insurance premiums. Because we are told, if you don't and get cancer or have a heart attack...you will go broke. Turns out that is not actually true. You will get the same treatment because doctors are good people. They will, in most cases, work something out. You may make payments over 10 years, which will still be cheaper than health insurance premiums. Let's put this in perspective. Over the 40 years that you will work on average, you will pay, at a minimum, $400,000 in premiums to an insurance company. If you want to get any benefit from your insurance you will have to pay another $200,000 in out of pocket costs. That is $600,000, rounding it all up. That is a lot of money. I am sure that you can spend it better than a health insurance company.

If you want to save money, ask you doctor what it would really cost to just pay as you go. Or look at groups like rethinkmyhealthcare.com who can help you find doctors that will treat you without health insurance. Why not just deal direct, it works so much better and is infinitely less stressful. Oh and by the way, you won't be the first, over 787,000 people have cut the cord to health insurance companies and taken matters into there own hands.

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