June 2, 2019

Virtual Primary Healthcare

The world is significantly portraying a positive trend in the provision of primary health care in general. The aspect has been realized due to the integrated factors which have enhanced the individuals to access affordable health care and at a favorable rate at the provincial levels. The commitment and improved infrastructure have primarily helped in the delivery of the services. Several clients face several strains when accessing the services provided by the doctors who are located primarily in urban area. The problems range from long distances to where the services are meaning the transport is high. Also, the timing to access the doctors to offer services can be miserable. However, RethinkMyHealth.com has outlined key element that concern virtual health care and insurance alternatives to a convenient and accessible health care services at the local levels. As such, the significant milestone has been realized to the people living at rural premises without necessarily visiting the office to be served.

Ancient primary health care

Well, we have to admit that the world is changing faster due to demand and the necessity perceived in our surrounding environment. The innovation and creativity realized by the individuals have shown positive growth towards the health care jurisdiction. In old eras, the relationship between the patient and doctors was not that comprehensive as compared to the current state. A substantial number of doctors has been realized in the 21st century in comparison to back times when we had few professionalism individuals in the medical jurisdiction. Also, the mechanisms of treating various diseases were limited with fewer treatment drugs and equipment. As a result, the treatment aspects became expensive, inaccessible to many particularly the ones who lived in the rural areas. The privileged patients who were financially stable were the only individuals who were able to access available and effective health care, which was primarily found in specific geographical regions such as in urban centers. However, the aspect has drastically shifted from such eras due to improvised mechanisms in the health sector.  

Current genre in primary health care

The relationship between the patient and the same doctors has significantly been enhanced, which has led to the realization of effective primary care. The virtual primary care (VPC) is the popular genre with a primary concern of enhances cost-effective and convenient online service delivery via a secure. The secure primarily involves the integration of the HIPAA-complaint mobile and a well -designed website application. The primary mode of VPC's communication in solving health issues is mainly through sending messages, photos, health report, and records as well as videos. As compared to the traditional strategies where patients employed appointments to visit an office to underlay conversation and solve the health-related problems. The level of technology has significantly helped the individuals, especially the patient, to realize cost-effective and convenient primary care services due to improvised VPC without necessarily visiting the office. The two parties, the doctor and patient, can communicate at any time, which enhances effective management of different situations related to health care. The virtual primary care doctor can order a test, prescribe medication, and monitoring of the patient's progress is significantly enhanced. 

Effectiveness of Virtual Primary Care (VPC)

In an increasingly complex primary care world, having a physician or doctor who has the history of your health has become highly significant. The patient who has such competent and professional individuals enjoy the benefits associated. Due to the abilities and frequent monitoring, effect management of chronic diseases, the overall health care cost is substantially lowered as well as the satisfaction of the care is realized by the patient.  The primary element about the virtual primary care is that the doctor can order the lab test, enhance communication when the need arises, prescribe medication, and maintain a healthy relationship. These elements significantly help the doctor to diagnose and manage more than 95 percent of the patient health care related problems and appropriately recommend what is required by the patient. The other effect of the Virtual Primary Care is the capability of diagnosing the patient condition and facilitate treatment without necessarily referring to an in-person visit. The vast majority of the physical exam diagnosis is primarily done by looking at the health history background and asking the right formulated questions to ascertain the robust conclusion, which will realize the best treatment remedy. Unlike the traditional PCVs where they had to consult a specialist before treatment, the aspects are not incorporated by the VCPs.

 Also, when the test is required, the doctor refers the patient to a local urgent healthcare center, specialist, or a clinic without necessarily visiting the office to see the doctor in person. The third critical factor of VPC is that it pertains both treatment and triage. This has been possible due to regular online communication characteristics; the doctors primarily understand clearly what the patients need without them visiting the office to be recognized. For instance, 70 percent of health care related conditions are diagnosed, and effectively treatment realized without any in-patient visit, and 30 percent of the same are referred and addressed appropriately.

Digital Technology and Virtual Primary Care (VPC)

Thanks to digital technology, daily, we mainly rely on modernized technology to organize the lives.  The digital technology has provided a conducive environment for each to socialize with friends, access several assortments of goods and services without walking for long distances as well as being informed both at the local and international levels. With all those several aspects, digital tech has also played an integral part in the accessing of the health care services. As a result, a quite number of health care and health insurance providers have significantly embraced the norm to improve the services they deliver to their clients, especially the patients. The aspects of virtual primary care are primarily to provide quality, cost-effective, and convenient services which are attuned to the patient's needs, especially the ones who are at the rural premises. The experience accrued by the health care providers through the digitalized technology is more convenient, more streamlined, and carefully attuned to their needs and motives. Through digital tech, virtual primary care can provide the medical delivery services and access to the quality, low cost, and convenient services to the patient mainly at the local environments without necessarily visiting an office. The approach is that the patient can connect with doctors via the internet, emails, mobile application, or any other media platform for health care related problem to be diagnosed and be treated.

Implication of Digital Tech on Virtual Primary Care (VPC)

As a result of the advanced technology, the patient receives the services all through readily available clock hours. The health service providers, particularly the Virtual primary care doctors they always practice primary care full time with a focused and dedicated mind. The doctors are lenient to the patient in that they after diagnosis they can make arrangement for complicated local attention, and they can later make follow up to check on progress. Also, the services provided by the virtual primary are always of high quality, cost-effective, and convenient to the patients. The good example when a rural individual through the mobile app can access the doctor through a video call. The doctor examines such patient through the health background history, and the appropriate remedy is given. The cost of traveling and other miscellaneous expenses is significantly reduced. Also, unlike additional primary care cost realized in care provision such as visit payment the virtual control care does not recognize them. Through virtual primary care the individuals who are living in the rural areas they significantly benefit from such care which is cheap, reliable and useful to their health, which in turn realizes the healthy living of a person.  Additionally, through observing and embracing such important element, the devolvement of the virtual health care the society benefit economically, socially as well as politically. For a patient to be served with efficiency, the comparison of the alternative insurance covers plays a critical role in the social set-up.

Insurance Alternatives Comparison

Availability of several alternative insurances in the primary care is of the importance to the patient and the doctors in general. The patient can find the insurance cover, which is affordable with characteristics which pursuit the patient's demands. When selecting a health insurance cover, key aspect needs to be considered. Firstly, the reviewing of essential insurance terms primarily helps an individual in understanding insurance jargon as well as understanding clearly what each term delivers. Formulating a checklist is also an integral part when selecting health insurance for primary care. An excellent guide is when considering family issues, selecting an appropriate coverage that covers that the family may need of great importance. The third critical aspect is all about research on who are the insurance providers and choice between indemnity or a managed care plan. The elements help a person to understand clearly the firm you are entering the agreement with and how to plan for the occurrence of health care issues in your family, respectively. Other aspects, such as requesting a quote, reviewing the provision of the policy as well as for deciding and applying, are also essential aspects to consider when comparing insurance or when going for alternatives.

Direct Primary Care vs. Health Sharing Plans

Direct primary care mainly deals with billing and special arrangement made between the patient and the health care providers without necessarily sending the claim to the insurance administrators. The DPC is primarily an umbrella term, which integrates a number of the health care system. The system incorporated mainly pertains a direct financial relationship between the patient are caregivers. For the effectiveness of DPC, it is typically paired with a high deductible health plan and health reimbursement account. This is because some chronic and acute conditions cannot be attained with direct primary care and are supported by a highly deductible health plan.  Through DPC exercises do not primarily allow insurance payment, thus the avoidance of overhead and complexity of maintaining a healthy relationship with the provider on each of the dollar spent. The other benefit realized by DPC is that office visits are drastically reduced since the emerging model has incorporated medical contacts with self-insured workers who offer the care directly.

On the other hand, health sharing plans integrate the ministries, which significantly help in health cost sharing plans among the individuals. These ministries have stipulated guidelines which primarily help patients to cater for their health care-related problems. The health care ministries are unique in that they don't rely on actuaries, no acceptance of the risk or give assurance neither buy the reinsurance policies on behalf of its individuals. The health sharing plans ministries typically are not the health care or health insurance, and the guidance systems are the critical element for its sustainability. An individual has to meet all the requirements and have the homogenous religious belief to join the health sharing ministry. In other words, the health sharing ministries are the organized groups which bond together with the primary goal of helping others to meet medical expenses. However, the health sharing plan has several ways in which an individual can plan for their health care plans in case of an accident or illness. The employer may fail to offer insurance, and an individual may have several options of insurance such as in the Market Place, COBRA Health Insurance and Private Insurance which help in protecting yourself and the family in general.

Health Insurance vs. Indemnity Plans

Health insurance primarily is a cover of the whole or a partial risk incurred by an individual experiencing medical expenses distributing the risk to several numbers of persons. An insurer develops a consistent finance structure such as monthly premium by approximating the overall risk, which can be realized in the health care as well as the health care system over the risk pool. The payment of the money estimated s then used to cater for the health benefits which are stipulated in the insurance agreements. The benefits are then administered by the central groups such as government agency, private enterprise as well as non-profits organizations. The health insurance covers a wide disciplinaries such as loss from accidents, medical expenses, dismemberment as well as disability or accidental deaths. In case of a crash, the deductibles are substantially used to cater for any accident which occurs out of control and not planned.

The health insurance policies include deductibles, which is the amount the policyholder must pay to cover the insured damage before the insurance start to cover the rest of the cost. In case a patient has cancer the Affordable Care Act in the US, for instance, gives the patient protection against losing the insurance cover and the health care benefits associated. A person with insurance had is found to have cancer; the cover agreement cannot be terminated or canceled. Also, if an individual has cancer, the policies stipulated does not exempt them from being covered. Health insurance is critical in our daily health lives since we cannot predict the future of health care. Some aspects such as illness and accidents they always find people unexpected. Therefore, it is significant to select a health insurance policy that suits your demands and the family, in that case, to cater to the medical expenses which are associated through our lifetime.

 Indemnity plans insurance alternative is a critical idea that a person should be thinking of when it comes to health care. An indemnity plan allows an individual to manage the health care where when sick; you can access any doctor or hospital regardless of where the doctor or the hospital is situated. Thus, the insurance firm always pays some of the amounts the policyholder is charged to cater for the fee-for-service plans. The workability of the indemnity plans is simple and effective in that one may see a specialist of the wish without necessarily having the referrals. However, the indemnity plan requires one to pay an upfront amount for the services provided then later on the claim forms are submitted to the insurance company for reimbursement. The insurer is also required to pay annual deductibles before the company initiates the payment of the claim. Once the deductibles are met, then the insurance company compensate the forwarded request at a stipulated percentage, which is based on usual, customary, and reasonable rate for the health care service provided. The indemnity plan is significant to the patient in several ways. For example, if an individual what to embrace the freedom approach in selecting the best in the health care and willing to meet a quite number of doctors, the indemnity plan can be the best insurance policy. The second pursuit or benefits is when an individual does not want to designate primary care or getting referrals to find a specialist, and when one wants to move freely in search of a physician of choice.

Additionally, in the field of medical, malpractice insurance is a necessary form of compulsory indemnity insurance, which substantially helps medical practitioners from civil claims accrued from negligence. However, the indemnity insurance plan seems to favor the financially stable individuals due to the payment of annual deductibles and among other aspects such as the cost involved in a movement to seek financially crippled individual can not realize the best treatment to a specific doctor and hospital. But the indemnity insurance is vital in that an individual can closely monitor and control the health care through making the correct choices.   

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