April 2, 2019

What Would Health Insurance Look Like If Doctors Made the Financial Decisions?

When it comes to healthcare and health insurance, the prices patients pay are controlled entirely by businessmen who inflate these rates for profit. So what would it look like if these prices were controlled by the doctors who deliver the healthcare firsthand? You might be surprised to find that what you pay in copayments and deductibles in addition to your health insurance costs make it likely that you are overpaying for the coverage and services you receive. Doctors are aware of these rate inflations, and they are working to make healthcare more affordable and accessible. This is the question that we aim to address as we explore the emerging alternatives to traditional health insurance policies.

When doctors determine the prices themselves, there are hidden underlying charges are able to eliminate. While the costs of medical equipment and services are not cheap, in addition to these elements of your healthcare coverage you are also paying for the costs imposed by an insurance agency. These insurance agents profit off of the limitations they reduce in coverage and the optimization of the costs patients pay for the service. If doctors truly controlled the cost of healthcare, they would completely cut out the charges of these agents, making healthcare more affordable and accessible.

How Health Insurance Companies Inflate Costs

How do the health insurance companies get away with inflating costs patients pay for care? It is estimated that doctor visits actually cost patients only 67% of what the health insurance depicts the costs to be. That inflated rate also affects the patient?s copayments and what they pay in your deductible. If you want to test these estimations for yourself, find the last medical bill you have paid and call your doctor to see what the cost would be without insurance. In this sense, your out-of-pocket costs are compounded, increased in every facet of the insurance system.

While health Insurance companies must spend at least 80 percent of premiums on medical claims and quality improvements for members, inflating these costs allows these businessmen to make a significant profit from patients in need of coverage.

Benefits of Paying for Direct Healthcare

So what would it look like if doctors made all of the financial decisions regarding healthcare coverage and costs? This question is being answered by a recent wave of direct pay healthcare networks that put the power of costs and coverage in the hands of healthcare providers. These systems allow doctors to charge patients their own decided costs based on their specified experience, offsetting overhead costs, and personal charges. The benefits of this emerging direct healthcare route are not limited to the extensive amount of money you can save; this also includes faster or equally fast treatment than patients with traditional health insurance.

How Does Direct Pay Healthcare Work?

This immediacy in patient attention is often made possible by priority access to digital appointments with healthcare professionals. While most digital healthcare systems and their accompanying applications often charge extensive copays (regardless of whether or not a patient has insurance), for members of a direct pay healthcare network, the patient?s visit is completely free. Get your prescriptions sent straight to your local pharmacy without ever having to step through the door of a doctors office. Additionally, without waiting around for the decisions of insurance companies, there is an increase in the immediacy with every step of your healthcare process. Not only are doctors in more control of the pricing but you are also in more control of the payments. With upfront payments and increased billing transparency, there are no surprises in your healthcare costs.

How Popular is Direct Pay Healthcare?

You might be surprised to learn that hundreds of thousands of doctors nationwide have already started to offer an alternative to traditional health insurance companies. This involves the same free consultations that you may receive otherwise with the addition of immediacy in your service, heightened patient attention, and the convenience you need to get the healthcare you need at your own pace. Setting their own prices in direct pay medical networks, doctors are taking control of the financial elements of health insurance to provide quality and affordable care for patients nationwide.

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