January 22, 2019

When are on demand health services better than health insurance

Deciding what health insurance is right for you, your family, or your business can be a grueling process. There have been numerous stories of people breaking down due to side effects which may headaches, dry eyes, mood swings, unhappiness and/or money loss.

Here is a challenge: google health insurance plans and try to figure out which one is best for you in less than an hour. It is not an easy task which is why there are many websites dedicated to explaining the process. If you took the challenge you probably got to site number 3 before realizing you probably knew less than when you started. Then there are different sites talking about different steps in different programs all with links that lead you to more thorough analyses of plans you may want to sign up for.

It?s a lot.

Luckily there have been a lot of changes in healthcare popping up over the last few years, especially in the United States. On demand health services or better known as telemedicine are are a new contender in healthcare. People are now able to video chat with doctors, send photos of their rashes and hives, and pick up prescriptions without stepping foot into a doctor?s office. These services have begun to change the way people see doctors and even pay for health care. We don?t want to sound cliche but it?s the uber of doctors

You have to be wondering what?s the catch? What can on demand care give that health insurance can not?

Well for one thing, how many times have you seen your general practitioner, and then they told you that you needed to see someone else? You then have to find a new doctor who is in your network or pay some ridiculous price. Then when it is all done, you might get another bill because all of a sudden your insurance company decides that?s not covered anymore.

What on-demand health services do is help with the confusion and frustration.
eir premium.

The reason being is that this aspect of health care does not exist with on demand services. When one subscribes to an on demand health service a network of doctors, dentists, optometrists, and surgeons are already contracted to see patients. Patients open an app and answer questions to connect them to the right professional. No need to check if that physician is part of your plan because you know it?s already included. the app is your plan. No need to make an appointment in the next few days or even next few hours. No need to take a morning off work. Don?t worry we won?t tell your bosses.

Just by typing in symptoms people can talk on the phone or video chat with medical professionals immediately.

Healthcare is changing.

With that on-demand health care cuts costs, just like uber did. Fun fact: A Kaiser Employer survey concluded that employer-sponsored family health coverage has been steadily rising for the last six years and annual premiums were more than $18,500 in 2017.

Guess what if you make $15/hour and work full time you will bring home $33,000 a year. If you have an employer sponsored family health coverage say goodbye to more than half of that.

How can anyone live on that?

We dare you you to see what you paid in healthcare last year and see if any of these on demand healthcare services compare. Why are we all overspending, when we could be saving or spending it on avocado toast. It does have some great health benefits?

Traditional health insurance just isn?t needed for a lot of people. If you are young and healthy, you are probably overspending. The big question is can an on demand service do everything that health insurance can?

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