April 2, 2019

Who Controls Health Insurance? Doctors Don't Make The Decisions In Health Insurance

With a recent challenging of universal access to affordable healthcare and health insurance, questions are beginning to arise regarding who actually controls health insurance prices. Are they driven politically, determined by the healthcare professionals, or by a third party? Many are surprised to learn that doctors do not have a hand in making decisions that define available health insurance policies, costs, and coverage limitations. In reality, the individuals making these decisions are business people.

These health insurance companies work to make money by calculating and mitigating risks. Their business model aims to provide the fewest extension of services at the highest price possible. Here we take a closer look at the power dynamics of the health insurance pricing system and offer an alternative to the traditional health insurance system.

How Do Insurance Companies Get Away With It?

The necessity of health insurance has been long written into our societal system. These businesses know you need healthcare, and they have the funds to offer it when you need it most. This puts them in a position of power when it comes to the finer details of health insurance. With the power to make pricing decisions and coverage limitations, insurance companies are able to inflate the rates of coverage and limit the areas of coverage you receive. They make it so that the most comprehensive coverage plans cost the highest amount of money.

There are a few immediately apparent issues with this current health insurance setup. First, patients are not always aware of the health care coverage they will need. If an emergency arises or an individual becomes sick, someone without preexisting conditions who signed up for a lower-coverage health insurance plan can easily be left out of luck. Second, those who are paying extensive amounts of money for needed healthcare are not likely to have the disposable funds to pay more for health insurance. Upcharging on monthly health insurance can create additional stress for those who need affordable healthcare the most. Finally, even at the lowest possible available plan, healthcare and insurance costs are not always accessible in price. This can leave Americans in need of coverage out of luck in the case of an emergency.

Why Don't Doctors Control Health Insurance Costs?

It is clear that insurance companies are dependant on earning money at the expense of patients. Doctors, on the other hand, genuinely want to help the sick and injured. When patients miss out on proper care because of unaffordable or incomprehensive insurance, both the doctors and the patients are harmed. For this reason, both doctors and patients benefit when affordable healthcare brings relief to patients and consistent work to doctors. So wouldn?t it make sense for doctors to ultimately determine the cost of healthcare?

This fact has not gone unnoticed by doctors nationwide. As doctors recognize this need for affordable and accessible healthcare, they are beginning to take charge and offer alternatives to traditional health insurance.

Alternatives to Traditional Health Insurance

In an essential step towards increased healthcare affordability and accessibility, doctors are offering care that is more in step with their own pricing. Direct pay healthcare networks like Rethink my Healthcare are providing individuals with an alternative to traditional health insurance coverage that involves putting pricing control into the hands of the doctors. Doctors set their prices based upon what it costs to deliver their services, and charge customers accordingly to create the most affordable care as possible.

Direct pay healthcare networks are systems of doctors, dentists, and other healthcare professionals who also want to cut out the middleman to make coverage more affordable and accessible to patients in need. The monthly premium you pay to join these networks helps cover the costs the doctors set for the care you need.

How Do Direct Pay Healthcare Systems Work?

This type of service aligns pricing with what the doctors charge, saving patients money by cutting out the middleman and eliminating the inflation they impose. This also limits the amount of money that you patients pay for health insurance that they do not use or need. Thanks to these systems, the power of healthcare coverage and costs are being slowly reclaimed by doctors.

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