US Residents Saving Big With New Healthcare Program

Are you overpaying on your Health Insurance Premium?

In 2019, the average cost for a healthcare coverage for individuals is over $700/month. The average family pays over $1,021/month (up 23% from last year) or over $12,000/year.

That cost is continuing to rise as less companies participate in the Affordable Care Act Now that it is not required and more people are taking advantage of new laws.

Healthcare coverage is not getting cheaper anytime soon.

What happens if your family cannot afford Health Insurance?

The Affordable Care Act forced Health Insurance companies to accept all individuals for coverage which caused premiums to skyrocket for most healthy Americans. What's worse is the recent laws have not incentivized individuals to use common sense when it comes to their healthcare needs which further increases the cost of healthcare for the majority of individuals.

Even for normal hardworking Americans, Health Insurance costs have risen which means the average individual over 50 years old is paying nearly $10,000/year!

Is a Healthcare Alternative the answer?

If you’re looking for healthcare solutions that are designed around your needs and provide the security of great medical care at an affordable price, these healthcare plans are right for you.

- Low cost coverage, most members can save hundreds dollars per month and thousands per year

- A nationwide PPO network of over 1 million providers so you get the best care available and use your current providers

- No need to wait for open enrollment, switch anytime and your coverage will begin immediately

Rates start as low as $60 a month!
Get approved in as fast as one day and start saving money immediately.