RethinkMyHealthCare is a comprehensive medication risk management platform that easily brings the benefits of continuous genomics-based medication monitoring to every patient.

Screening for All

RethinkMyHealthCare Continuously analyzes all patient records for new or existing medications, helping to prevent issues whenever they arise.

Dynamic Reports and Robust Alerts

Always up-to-date, RethinkMyHealthCare enables real-time personalized medication references and reporting, assisting clinicians with instant access to the latest information, insight, and recommendations.

Easy Management of Multiple Populations

RethinkMyHealthCare is built to seamlessly handle multiple facilities and patient cohorts. No matter your patient population, RethinkMyHealthCare works to easily track quality measures, cost reduction programs, and risk management assessments.

Medication-Related Adverse Events

One of the most common reasons for hospital admissions

Issues arising from medication conflicts are estimated to cause over 100,000 deaths/year, and represent the fourth leading cause of preventable death in the US.

In addition to the most severe adverse events, millions of patients suffer from poor or ineffective treatment due to medication interaction or metabolism issues.

Packed with Powerful Features

Continuous Patient Monitoring
Dynamic real-time personalized medication reports
Customized alerting
Online/Offline data sync
Standards-compliant messaging
Secure, cloud-based architecture
Manage PWOs, with signature capture
Specimen scanning / chain of custody
FDA Drug and NPI instant access
Lab requests / progress
Mobile device data collection
Patient and facility reporting engine
Easy integration with EHR, EMR and pharmacy systems
24x7 clinical and technical support

RethinkMyHealthCare Works for You

RethinkMyHealthCare has been built from the ground up to suit a range of patient settings and clinical workflows. RethinkMyHealthCare works seamlessly across desktop, mobile, and tablets.

Our team has spent decades developing easy to use healthcare software used in thousands of the most demanding clinical environments. We've put all that experience into designing RethinkMyHealthCare, and further developed it alongside clinical professionals to maximize workflow efficiency. Your staff can also keep confidence in RethinkMyHealthCare's enterprise-grade data and security architecture.

Want to utilize RethinkMyHealthCareon the latest generation of devices? We offer an end-to-end device management program that combines device provisioning, security, mobile data and help desk services - without any up-front costs. Contact us today to learn more about adding this program to RethinkMyHealthCare.

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to get RethinkMyHealthCare up and running?

Very easy! On average RethinkMyHealthCare can help a mid-sized long term care facility begin to analyze patients using real data in less than a few days. Patient information can be fed into RethinkMyHealthCare through a range of methods, and seamlessly integrates with other clinical and data workflows.

Is patient testing required for RethinkMyHealthCare to monitor their medications ?

No. RethinkMyHealthCare is designed to continuously monitor all patients by looking at their medication and treatment history, and help clinicians identify those who are most likely to benefit from additional testing.

How do I know when a patient status changes?

RethinkMyHealthCare includes a real-time alerting engine, as well as an easy summary alerts view. Facilities and clinicians have the option to set and adjust the alert workflows to best suit their care delivery processes, and avoid "alert fatigue".

What kind of hardware is required to run RethinkMyHealthCare?

RethinkMyHealthCare is a cloud-based solution, and requires no installed hardware to run. Customers utilize desktops, mobile devices, and connected tablets to interact with RethinkMyHealthCare - it's all a matter of facility and workflow preferences.

What existing systems does RethinkMyHealthCare support?

RethinkMyHealthCare seamlessly integrates with many of the leading EHR, EMR, and pharmacy management systems. RethinkMyHealthCare also has native HL/7 and FHIR support.

How is patient information kept up to date?

RethinkMyHealthCare's synchronization engine can seamlessly pull updates from patient records as frequently as requested by the customer. RethinkMyHealthCare's dynamic reporting engine continuously accesses the latest personalized medication information alongside the patient info to ensure clinicians always have the most up-to-date insight when working with patients.

Start Today

Learn more about how easy it is to start continuously monitoring and managing your patient population with RethinkMyHealthCare.

Fully compatible

Fully compatible
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