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Say Goodbye to Honeypots, Scams and Coded Rugs
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How it Works

We’ve compiled a database of known rugs, honeypots, scams and other malicious contracts on the blockchain. We analyze contracts for these known issues and then check to see how malicious they are. Quick Audit uses machine learning and is getting smarter with each scan, ensuring Quick Audit remains the #1 instant audit program forever!


  • Holder Health
  • Contract Health
  • Supply Health
  • LP Health
  • Zombie Rugs
  • Honeypot Functions
  • Antibot reading (Coming Soon)
  • Database of addresses known to rugs (Coming Soon)
  • See new verified contracts as they come out (Coming Soon)
  • Claimable contracts by token owners (Coming Soon)
  • True Audit functionality (Coming Soon)



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